Saturday, January 30, 2010

Michael Jackson

Are you a fan? Are you a dot?

Has your bookcase collapsed with Jackson 5 vinyls, all manner of Jackson CDs, Michael Jackson DVDs and magazines and books galore about the Jackson Family? Oh, and what about that Michael Jackson doll from the 80's complete with Thriller outfit??

If you've answered yes, then we know you will want to join the Michael Jackson Fan Club, in loving collaboration with the Jackson Family Foundation, in creating a lasting memorial to a family that has meant so much and been so adored by fans all over the world.

The dream in our hearts is to see the hope and joy Michael and his family have brought to lives of millions everywhere standing proudly as the Jackson Family Museum, the Michael Jackson Performing Arts Theatre and hotel complex in the Jackson's hometown of Gary, Indiana. Our efforts will create a little piece of Utopia dedicated in love to Michael Jackson and the First Family of Pop, Rock and Soul.

How can you be an integral part of building this lasting tribute to the King of Pop and his famous family?

First, create another small spot on that collapsed bookcase and purchase a copy of the Limited Edition "Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine”. The magazine features Joe Jackson, patriarch of music's Royal Family, and encompasses Michael's life, the lives of his brothers and sisters and most recently, the honoring of Joe Jackson and the Jackson Family with a Brenden Celebrity Star.

The proceeds of your purchase price goes directly to the Jackson Family Foundation which will allow the memory of Michael to live forever not only in our hearts, but in a standing testimony to his and his family’s importance in our collaborative history. Each magazine comes wrapped for collectors to keep safely in mint condition and you will also receive a free "This Is It" poster with every purchase!

In appreciation for your belief in our dream, everyone who purchases a magazine will have their name added to the list of donors which will be displayed in the Michael Jackson portion of the Jackson museum. When you visit the living dream you helped create, be sure to look for your name!!

What are you waiting for? Get your copy of the Limited Edition LVH Magazine today and help make the dream of the Jackson Family Museum, Michael Jackson Performing Arts Theater and Hotel a reality in Gary, Indiana!