Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #31

Who I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

We all dreamed about what we wanted to do and who we wanted to be when we grew up. Here's 13 people I wanted to be that I remember -- I'm sure there's many, many more that I forgot!

1. A writer (was always #1!)

2. A doctor

3. A vet

4. A professional singer

5. A television/movie star

6. Mrs. George Harrison

7. Manager of a band

8. A fashion designer

9. Editor of a teen magazine (so I could meet David/Shaun Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Michael Cole and just for Anne: Sajid Khan)

10. Professional photographer like Scavullo or Annie Liebovitz

11. A trailblazer like Gloria Steinem

12. A total genius like Stephen Hawking

13. A scientist like Marie Curie

Who did you want to be??

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #30 A Hard Day's Night!

13 Great Lines from A Hard Day's Night!

Unless you are a die-hard Beatle-maniac, some of these might not seem familiar. But any Beatle fan will absolutely smile with recognition if you dish out any of these delicious one liners or luscious dialogues!

1. Paul, describing his grandfather: "He's very.......clean."

2. John, after listening to the stuffy show director who's going on and on: "I could listen to him for hours."

3. John to his manager, Norm: "You couldn't get a pen in your foot, you swine."

4. Ringo: "Any of you put a man in the cupboard?"
John: "Don't be soft"
George (checking closet): "He's right you know."
John: "Well, there you go."

5. Paul's grandfather to a buxom blonde: "I bet you're a great swimmer."

6. George showing Shake how to use a razor and shaving cream: "Put your tongue away. It looks disgustin' hangin' there all pink and naked. One slip of the razor and ....."

7. Interviewer: "And how did you find America?"
John: "Turn left at Greenland."

8. Paul, to every interviewer who asks him anything: "No actually, we're just good friends."

9. George, to a production assistant who was rebuffed after tapping on Ringo's drums: "He's very fussy about his drums you know. They loom large in his legend."

10. Woman, claiming John looks like "The Famous John Lennon", and John denying it: "You don't look like him at all......"
John, hurt, to himself: "She looks more like him than I do."

11. John (to a tailor holding up a measuring tape as John cuts it in half): "I now declare this bridge open."

12. Ringo to Paul's Grandfather: "I never really thought about it before....but being middle-aged takes up all your time, doesn't it?"

13. George: "Oh, that posh girl who gets everything wrong? We frequently sit 'round the television and watch her for a giggle. Once we wrote these letters saying how giddy she was and all that rubbish."
Promoter: "She's a trend-setter."
George: "She's a drag. A well-known drag. We turn the sound down on her and say rude things."

Many thanks to Alun Owen for a great screenplay which has held up really well over all these years. It was very hard just to pick out just 13 -- afterall, A Hard Day's Night is when we first heard the word "grotty" (for grotesque), which George had an incredibly hard time saying without laughing. Also, trivia buffs, in the concert footage filmed at the end, a very young future famous musician is seating near the back. His name is Phil Collins.