Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ultimate Manilow

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to meet someone I've admired for a long time -- Barry Manilow. He was gracious, warm, genuine. Just the way I thought he would be. It was a meet and greet before his Las Vegas show and and I was really a nervous wreck. But his staff was extremely patient and kind and the second I saw him smile and extend a handshake, I knew I wouldn't at least throw up on his shoes.

Afterwards, I sat in the front row of his new show and enjoyed it completely. I know there are people who go to his concerts and can tell you what he sang, how he sang it, what he wore and how he wore it, what he said and how he said it. Frankly, I have no clue....just like I have no clue what I said when I was standing in front of him. All I know is that I sang and cheered and stood and clapped and laughed. I came away happy. I came away happy after I shook his hand and I came away happy after his show.

And really.....what more could we possibly want from anyone??

Thanks again Barry......I know you've made so many people happy. With your time and your talent. It really is magic.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone, please note the NEW photo of our blogger. Go to "view my complete profile" and click to see it in full size. That way you'll see the outfit she wore to meet the legend, the man, the MANILOW. Those are lilac slacks she's wearing with that jacket. A unique autumnal fashion statement that says, "Sure I'm understated and classy, but make no mistake about it -- I'm my own girl and I go my own way." Love it, love it, love it. If Barry Manilow has a brain in his head, right now he's telling someone how lucky he was to meet you last Friday!