Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Part 2

Answers to Life's Questions...(really yesterday's Thursday Thirteen):

1. Robert Palmer (musician "Addicted to Love") Dead. Sorry. Even I thought the babes he used in his videos were hot.

2. Johnny Bench (Cincinnati Reds baseball Hall of Famer). Alive and signin' baseballs at

3. Betty White (actress most notably from Golden Girls). Doesn't anyone remember her reeming William Shatner a new one at his Comedy Central Roast last year? Yup, still alive and lettin' 'em have it.

4. David Cassidy (pop teen star). Alive -- and still pissed off at his dead father, Jack, jealous of his step brother Shaun, and wishing he's never seen a Partridge.

5. Beverly D'Angelo (actress from "Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase). She's alive -- and very, very busy. Had twins late in life with Al Pacino. Like REALLY late in life (49)!!! Now she's raising 3.

6. Johnny Carson (talk show host). Conducting interviews from the afterlife. Dead.

7. Mohammad Ali (champion prize fighter). Still alive, but very ill. Passed his fighting genes onto his daughter.

8. Gloria Steinem (activist, author, National Women's Hall of Famer). Still alive and still fighting the good fight.

9. Peter Benchley (author Jaws). Dead. I didn't know this one and had to look it up.

10. Francis Ford Coppola (director The Godfather). Alive and now producing very expensive wines from his Coppola vineyards.

11. Julia Child (world famous chef and TV icon). Dead. And I truly miss her. She was one of a kind.

12. Jimmy Carter (president). Alive. No comment. Just thought I put a president in here.

13. Elizabeth Taylor (actress) Alive -- shockingly. She's near Frankenstein in the number of surgeries she's had, but she's still a tireless campaigner for AIDS research from the sidelines.

and one trick one:

14. Cat Stevens (musician). Nicholas got it. He's alive, but is now known as: Yusaf Islam. Can you say "Moon Shadow"?


Open Grove Claudia said...

Great answers - thanks for looking up all the details. I had no idea why anyone would have kids so late - but I have a friend who had twins at 59 - YIKES!

Happy TT.

Darla said...

I didn't know several of these! Lucky for me, I'm late to play, so I didn't have to guess. Clever idea.

Sandy Carlson said...

Next question: who among these will never die? There are some candidates. Didn't know David Cassidy was still in a bad mood. That's too bad for "Come on, Get Happy" boy.

colleen said...

Well I read this one first so I got all the answers. The first one shocked me because I was reading Robert Palmer but thinking Robert Plant. After Heath Ledger dying so unexpectedly yesterday I wonder who is next?

Anonymous said...

I love me some Johnny Bench.

Amy Ruttan said...

I didn't no the author of Jaws was dead. Huh, you learn something new everyday.

pussreboots said...

Interesting list. Happy TT.

livin' with me said...

This was fun! I was able to learn quite a bit here today ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming back to put up the answers. I came to it late so it was great to see it with the answers even if Robert Palmer was the only one I didn't know about, it was nice to be sure on the others.

Great idea for a TT (also, sick and demented, but still great)

Happy TT


Cindy Swanson said...

I'm going to be really sad when Elizabeth Taylor dies. Not only was she incredibly gorgeous in her day, she's really the last of the real Movie Stars.

jenn said...

I had no idea robert palmer was dead!

Lisa Andel said...

Ha, the benifits of coming late, I got the answers right away.

Anonymous said...

Francis Ford Coppola came in from the vineyards to release his first film in ten years. (This is good news because I love movies and wine gives me a headache.) It's called "Youth without Youth." I haven't gotten out to see it yet, but hope to. The reviews vary wildly -- it's either amazingly original or incredibly indulgent or something in between.


Nicole said...

You know, this is a really fun idea to have a Q&A TT! I think I've done it once before, too, but it's worth remembering! Very fun, and interesting topic, too.

Dazeree Joan said...

Too bad for me. I only know Elizabeth Taylor...

Good post though!

Malcolm said...

I wish I had known about your "Dead or Alive" game when you posted it. I love games like this.