Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Really ARE Awesome!

Forever can begin with you! Here’s your chance to be a part of HIStory. Jackson Family HIStory!

It is so clear that the dream every Jackson fan has is to see the legacy of love, of generosity, of genius--live forever. What better way than to dedicate a museum and performing arts theater to a family that has meant so much to millions of us all over the world?

As we carry and pass the torch of appreciation for Michael and his family onto others for the gifts they have given us and still continue to share, it seems fitting to create a lasting tribute that can preserve our most precious memories and keepsakes. Together, we can make this happen. And we can make it last forever.

Join me and other Jackson fans as we support the Michael Jackson Fan Club, in loving collaboration with the Jackson Family Foundation, in building the Jackson Family Museum, Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center and Hotel in Gary, Indiana.

For further info and to see how you can help, please go to:

MJFC/The Jackson Family Foundation

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