Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Knew?

I was never a big fan of Joe Jackson. I read and heard the stories about his treatment of Michael as a small child, yet I know from those same stories that Michael loved his father. Far be it for me to judge. This statement from Joe Jackson, released today, shows another side of him that made me want to thank him and show my respect and appreciation. It speaks volumes from a man who lost a son and I shockingly couldn't have said it any better. It was posted on the Michael Jackson Fan Club web site.

"Joe Jackson said the following in his statement:

I have heard about the protests planned for tomorrow (at the Los Angeles Courthouse, Monday, February 8) and I appreciate the fans feeling that they are Michael’s voice now that he is unable to fight for himself. I also want to stand behind the statement made online by a fan that you are a reflection of Michael and you must represent him as he would represent himself – peacefully, respectfully, gracefully, and above all else with love. There is no room for hatred and violence. While we may not be as quick to forgive as Michael was, we must still conduct ourselves with the grace and dignity he deserves. Please remember this in your protest. Michael WILL get justice, just as we knew he would in his trial. Please remember that your actions will also sway public opinion and that justice can come sooner rather than later depending on the face the fans show the world. The world can see hurt, pain, and outrage, but not the anger. All we want is justice, nothing more, nothing less. This man should be treated as anyone else would in this situation. Showing your support and love for him in such a big way will not go unnoticed. We all appreciate your unwavering support. Majestik Magnificent plans to attend the protests to show support and appreciation to the fans for all their love."

I never thought I say this, but Thanks, Mr. Jackson.

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