Saturday, July 14, 2007

You've Responded...And I've Listened

Yes, I can listen. Really. I remember when I was 3 and my mother told me NOT to put my finger in the electrical outlet. Like that. I realize I am told things that I should absolutely listen to for my own best interests. And aren't our best interests what we're interested in?? So thank you to Anne and J --

In summary, I am referring to my previous post about trying to fit into a dress I probably couldn't fit into even 15 years ago. I see that I am attempting to be that which I am not: i.e. skinny, sophisticated, worldly, alluring. Right. Good luck with that. I have a better chance meeting George Harrison.

THAT being said, there are numerous ways to make up for my not being Jennifer Aniston. Here's what I'm thinking, taking into account the advice I've received:

1. Women, no matter the size, no matter the age (or bank account status) are most attractive when they are comfortable in their own skin. For example: Barbra Streisand in "Meet the Fockers". There is no one on the planet who was more comfy and sexy than Gay Focker's mother. It was a brilliant performance and a brilliant message.

2. To be comfortable in your own skin, you must have an innate sense of your own worth. I have issues with that -- left over baggage from an abusive marriage -- but ok. I'll work on that. My furry psychologist is totally on board (especially after the can of Fancy Feast I gave her this morning).

3. Confidence is a feeling, not a dress size (my new mantra). And some nice new silky comfy undergarments might help there...

4. I shall assess my other assets. My ass might be the size of Montana, but I can accentuate the positive. A nice, expensive push up bra might help with that and if the estrogen keeps working, I may be zit-free, which is a more reasonable goal than trying to figure out a way to turn Shamu into Flipper.


Bottom line? I want to enjoy the show and not worry if I have VPL or if a roll of fat has escaped it's spandex cage.

Afterall, how can I be my witty and charming self (with my perky countenance) if I'm continually looking in the mirror wondering if my ass looks too big?

thanks, girls!


Toni said...

I ♥ your new mantra! It's great! I may have to steal... I mean borrow it!

Confidence is a feeling, not a dress size

Jennifer said...

Hi Lara! First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog. I can't wait to read yours, too!

I love your new mantra - "Confidence if a feeling, not a dress size." Love it, love it, love it!

I agree with the pretty undergarments thing, too. It will make you FEEL pretty when you have those own and make you feel more confident, even if you are the only one who sees them!


Anonymous said...

I've always said you are "witty an charming." (Actually I've always referred to you as "hysterically funny," while my MOTHER insists you're charming, but why quibble?) I was right about witty/charming, right about the little black dress, right when I told you that you would make a natural blogger. Sigh. When will you finally accept that I know everything about everything? Anne