Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Always in Fashion

Music and Passion ---

At the Copa AND at the Las Vegas Hilton! Can you believe I took this picture? No. I can't either. I'm surprised all my pictures weren't more blurry -- Manilow keeps moving so much, it was hard to take a shot!

My trip to Vegas, where I met my friend Colleen and several Manilow fans that I had only met on-line, was an absolute blast. So much happened, we did so many things I don't know where to start. I figure I will dash off two highlights: 1. Manilow at the Hilton and 2. Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill at Harrah's.

Don't ask me why, but I love both these men. Is this not a testimony to my varied and unique tastes? New York mets Texas. Bagels and BBQ. Armani and Levi Strauss. Jo Malone and Stetson. And damn fine music. What more could a woman want?

Anyway, for my money, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill will be a mainstay of all future visits to Vegas. Good food, margaritas served in mason jars, bartenders who give out free shots (as long as they can stand on the bar and pour it into your mouth). Waitresses are friendly, good service, lots of Toby stuff on the walls. We had an exceptional time. Thanks, Toby.

Manilow at the Hilton. Say what you want, but the man knows how to put on a fun, great, classy show. Although he joked about "Menopause, The Musical" playing down the street as well as in his audience, there were a surprising number of men. Granted, their wives/girlfriends might have hauled their asses in there, but I didn't see anyone asleep.

I know he's been described as "schmaltzy" and there were maybe a few times in my Manilow history when I sort of, kind of agreed, but there was none of that here. The musical arrangements were exactly on target, it appeared everyone including Barry himself was having fun and a good time was had by all. He saluted the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's and the William Tell Overture. I believe he covered all the necessary musical bases in the time allotted, which was way too short. Ninety minutes absolutely few by.

Manilow's great talent, besides music, is his ability to connect with people, connect with his audience. He did that magnificently and received probably 6 or 7 standing ovations.

So thanks, Mr. M for a great show, and oh, I was the one standing in the 3rd row.

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