Saturday, August 18, 2007

Let's Chat About...


I was reading someone else's blog who said that the summer had sorely compromised her goals in the weight, exercise, writing and reading departments. I have to agree with her. I haven't lost a pound or exercised since April. Part of this is because April - July is our busiest time at the office and I frequently miss lunch hours, which is when I usually exercise.

This is how it filters down.

1. Busy at the office, no lunch hour.
2. No lunch hour means no exercise.
3. No lunch hour means I sit at my desk and overeat.
4. No lunch hour and no exercise plus eating at my desk = weight gain.
5. Weight gain causes fatigue.
6. Fatigue means that I get home and eat more because I'm too tired to think about it.
7. Fatigue means that I go to bed earlier.
8. Going to bed earlier means that I don't write.
9. Not writing makes me very cranky, because I have so many ideas and am too tired to write them down.
10. Being cranky means I beat myself up even more because I'm not exercising nor eating right.
11. Not eating right or exercising or being creative causes me to get insomnia, so while I'm so tired I can't do anything physical, I can still keep myself busy by emotionally flogging myself.....all fricking night long.
12. Not sleeping gets me over anxious and panicky and I start to worry about shit I almost never worry about otherwise.
13. Then I'm a gonzo mess, near psychological breakdown.

However, my busy season is over. The kids start back to school next week. I went to the health club 3 times this week. And I've yanked out my story and have begun to work on it again.

ahhh.....I love to see September 15 days in front of me.


colleen said...

It's a vicious cycle. That's one of the blessings in disguise for me with having low energy problems, if I eat too many carbs I literally can't function. I'm forced to eat balanced high protein meals regularly.

I think the fall does bring new energy for doing the things that got away from us in the lazy days of summer.

Nicole said...

Yikes. I hope things do get better with the kids at school. And I think that's one thing I like about working at the reception desk - it looks bad when clients walk in if I'm eating at my desk, so I have to take a lunch break!