Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

Have just returned from Beatlefest (oops, sorry, Don't Ever Call It BeatleFest Again) and a good time was had by all, as always. Thought I would share the experience with you and show some photos of Anne and myself enjoying the wit and wonder of The Fest For Beatles' Fans.

#1 -- Anne proving to one and all that yes, indeed, this is exactly where we've gone every year since 1980.

#2 -- A great talk by Victor Spinetti, who played the "knitted" director in A Hard Day's Night, and the mad scientist in Help! Yea, maybe I got a better shot of the bald guy's head in front of me, but I never claimed to be Annie Liebowitz.

#3 -- The concert at night by Liverpool and starring Mark Hudson, one of the Hudson Brothers, who produced alot of Ringo's records/CD's and is a great musician in his own right. I took pics of him too during his talk, but another guy's bald head was clearer than Mark.

As a sidebar: Mark is always a treat. Funny, animated, a big fan himself. He can imitate all 4 of the Beatles' perfectly. Anyway, for fun every year, Anne and I try to guess what color Mark's goatee is going to be and if it will have a braid in the center or not. We enjoy the simple pleasures in life, you know. So for all of you have been waiting to know, chin hair -- shamrock green and side burns -- deep burgundy. NO BRAID. The plaid tam-o-shanter hat was an extra plus, as were the matching plaid pants.

4. Here, a good picture of Lara herself with a Beatles' sign, taken with loving care by Anne.

5. Anne with her Beatles' bag and catalog, waving goodbye to another Fest.

See? This isn't so bad. Laughs, music, food, drink, conversation. And there were tons of other things going on: old videos being played, the flea market, memorabilia, games, contests, exhibits. Everybody happy, happy, happy. Although one of our fave programs at the Fest, called Beatly-Incorrect with Martin Lewis, will no longer be available. Seems that when Martin gave the disclaimer EVERY SINGLE YEAR that what was said in that room, stayed in that room, not everyone listened. What made this panel discussion so hysterical is that the guests and the audience could say whatever they wanted. Yes, we sort of reemed Heather Mills last year. But it was made very clear that this midnight forum for adults only was done all in the name of fun. There was absolutely never any malice in anything anyone said -- and Anne and I have been there every single midnight, every single year Martin Lewis did this.

Some bozo taped it last year and put it on You Tube and now that's the end of Beatly-Incorrect. Some nutcase didn't understand these simple rules: what was said in that room stayed in that room -- that it was all in fun. Who ever it was who didn't understand those very clear, very simple rules: remind me never to go to Vegas with you.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the one of the prodigious ass in the photos above. Anyway, I'm nowhere near as nice as Lara, so let me give you additional scoop on Beatley Incorrect. Martin Lewis is a complete suckup when it comes to the British celebrity scene. That's why, whether they're talking about Dudley Moore, Princess Diana or The Lads, E! THS and other entertainment shows always go to him. He's made a career out of this. And last year, he opened Beatley Incorrect by saying (Lara, correct me if I'm wrong), "What the F was Paul thinking?" in reference to his choice of bride. So I suspect the You Tube Incident, where Martin reveals his true feelings instead of just pressing his lips on Paul's ass, may have threatened his gravy train.

On a lighter and far happier note, in addition to being a great writer, doesn't Lara show promise as a photog? She's a Renaissance broad!


Lara Angelina said...

Thank you Anne -- however, I think your photograph of me could not be any more representative. And isn't that what real photography is? I bow before your expertise.

And yea, Martin's a suck-up, but we LOVE Martin. And we loved Beatle-y Incorrect and some ass ruined it for the rest of us. Now we are going to have to bear Martin doing some Beatle Gong Show remake horror every year at Beatlefest midnight. I wonder if Wally's gonna have "the hook"?

Devilish Southern Belle said...

How awesome! I didn't know such a thing existed!